• They see the world through this, we see our goal through them

  • We take the Rare Disease Day® personally

    Created in 2008 by Eurordis, the Rare Disease Day® gathers thousand of events around the world to raise awareness for rare diseases and their impact on the lives of patients and their families.

  • A unique Pharmaceutical Company

    Orphan Europe, part of the Recordati group, is a unique pharmaceutical company focusing on the research and development of orphan medicinal products. Since 1990 we have used big thinking and extensive know-how on behalf of people affected by rare diseases. Patients and their families are central to our planning, our thinking and our actions. Recordati orphan drugs is present in the USA through its company Recordati Rare Diseases.

  • Big thinking for people with rare diseases

    Everything we do is driven by the needs of people who have a rare disease

  • Patients and families

    Orphan Europe is committed to establishing strong alliances with patients and patient organisations worldwide, to achieve the common goal of building knowledge and awareness, improving diagnosis, access to treatment and prevention of rare diseases.

  • Collaboration

    At Orphan Europe, we're committed to improving the diagnosis and management of rare diseases.

  • Current products and pipeline

    Orphan Europe is a leading pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of orphan medicinal products.

  • Our responsibilities

    As part of our commitment to rare diseases, Orphan Europe has partnered and supports various programmes and activities

  • Recordati Rare Diseases Foundation

    Advancing knowledge in rare diseases: independent, professional education and training

  • Partnering with Orphan Europe

    Orphan Europe has developed successful partnerships with a number of well-established pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and research institutes.

News and events

In the heart of its mission to support the patients, their relatives as well as the scientific community, Orphan Europe is glad to introduce this educational video, which will help you to better understand the physiological changes, the organ complications and the process leading to the permanent closure of the PDA.

In the heart of its mission to support patients and their relatives, Orphan Europe is every year highly involved in the Rare Disease Day®.

The Rare Disease Day®, held on 29th February, has as main objective to raise awareness about rare diseases and their impact on patients’ lives.

L​eft untreated, this condition leads to cerebral oedema, coma and eventually death. This underlines the need to early identify affected patients, and a diagnostic test in unclear neonatal hyperammonaemia may be helpful.

More than ever before, Orphan Europe is involved in the care of preterm babies affected by Patent Ductus Arteriosus.

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